About Us


Founded by retired show choir director, Dianne Holbert; Dianne Holbert Limited (DHL) is committed to assisting directors, choreographers and producers in helping bring their showchoir costume visions to life.

Dianne works with each group to create showchoir costumes that balance the show with texture and color. Paying close attention to fabrication, DHL costumes are durable, beautiful and made from quality fabrics.

Her passion for fashion and design led Dianne to a career in costume production after retiring from Jackson Preparatory School in Jackson, Mississippi. It was at Jackson Prep that Dianne created the nationally ranked show choir Reveillon.

Dianne Holbert is proud to announce that two of her daughters, Joanna and Sydney Margaret, have joined Dianne Holbert Limited. Their expertise in their roles brings energy and creativity to the design team.

Joanna Holbert serves as the Vice President of Marketing for Dianne Holbert Limited. She has worked alongside her mom (think in a set crew role!) supporting and growing the Dianne Holbert Limited brand since its inception. As a former newspaper editor with additional experience in marketing and graphic design, Joanna has worked in the industry for over 20 years and continues to use her expertise to build the business.

Sydney Margaret Holbert serves as the Vice President of Operations for Dianne Holbert Limited. She has built the supports and processes that keep the business running smoothly. A college professor with an eye for the details, Sydney Margaret uses her talents to work with customers to help them along the way in the ordering process.